Behind the Content: Who is Brother Bill?


 Bills Mafia is truly an ecosystem of its own. There are the big fish. The countless reporters questioning coaches and players, using their access to provide insight and giving us a peak behind the curtains. There are our countless and diverse content creators that break down film, scout opponents, and work to make us all smarter Bills fans. And the rest of us that celebrate the wins, and argue in the mentions after the loses. In that ecosystem, it can be hard for any single content creator to rise above the noise and truly be unique. 

Enter: If you are active in any way on “Bill Twitters” you have come across Brother Bill. His weekly videos, which are clips of your favorite movie, or viral clips, edited with the names of Bills players, coaches, mangaments, and at times the names opponents and noted haters. His pregame routine of sleeping on a folding table, “brewing” a Labbat in a coffee maker, and dressing his dog, is an eagerly awaited part of many Bills Fans Sundays. 

It is impossible to watch a Brother Bill video and not simile. But who is Brother Bill? Who is the man with the great haircut, exquisite mustache, and a hand on the pulse of Bills Mafia?

Baby Bill

 Brother Bill is a native Rochester, NY. A “Bills fan from the womb” Brother Bill is about as Bills fan as you can get. Like many of us, he “eats, sleeps, and breathes” Bills football. Bills fandom runs in his family. First attending the Bills home openers when he was five years old, he has never missed another home opener, that is until Covid forced fans to watch from home this year.

Clean Cut Winner

Like the Sean McDermott Bills, Brother Bill is a winner. In his day job, he works as a barber, winning the 2019 best barber in Rochester by City Magazine. His Profession brought him close to some of his favorite Bills. Prior to Buffalo’s shift away from camp at St. John Fisher, Brother Bill was brought in to be a barber to Bills in need of a cut.

What does “Brother Bill” Mean?

Part of the brilliance of his content, is the simplicity, yet memorability of his name. What does it mean to be Brother Bill? 

“ I wanted to be thought of as a positive voice for the fanbase to connect to or look to when times were good or bad.” 

Brother Bill aims to be a constant beacon of positivity in the face of what seems to be an unrelenting stream of hate from outsiders, who don’t know what our region and face base is about. Brother Bill doesn’t want to tear down fans, players, or coaches. He doesn’t think he could run the team better than those in charge. To be Brother Bill, means to be just your average Bills fan.  To support the team and build up fans.

“I’ve tried everything on Pinto Ron’s menu, I’ve taken the bowling ball shots, I’ve felt the spray of stray ketchup hit me after ricocheting off Pinto Ron. I blare the shout song, I don’t mind getting stuck at train tracks because it reminds me of a big third down.”

Brother Bill wants to be the “big brother” of Bills Mafia. When we are down, he is there with content to pick the fan base up. 

 “So I thought Brother Bill was perfect, straight to the point and the alliteration makes it even better.”

Behind the Magic

Brother Bill’s rise to Bills Mafia stardom wasn’t immediate. His page was started the week of the Bills Texans playoff game in 2020. He started with some photoshopped memes and videos that didn’t gain him much attention. Gaining traction on twitter can often be slow burn, until one post can transform your whole following. February 29th, 2020 Brother Bill found his spark. He created a video that truly encapsulated the feelings of Bills fans everywhere, following the 2020 season.  Brother Bill brilliantly edited a video of funky dance moves and upbeat music with the name of key Bills players and staff to celebrate turning the corner from the almost two decades of ineptitude and playoffless football. The video spread like wildfire, gaining love mafia wide. Since then, Brother Bill has put out a constant stream of popular videos.

What is the key? How does he put out killer video after killer video? 

“The ideas just kind of randomly come into my head, if I try and think of something too much it usually doesn’t work. I am a huge pop culture and movie guy so I know a ton of scenes and an idea will just pop in my head and I run with it.” 

Videos can take Brother Bill anything from 45 minute for his regular Sunday videos, to 6-7 hours for movie clip with edited faces.

Bills by a Billion

Brother Bill always ends his tweets with a simple hashtag. #BillsbyaBillion. This is his mantra for Bills fans. 

“It’s no matter what, I always am standing with my Bills. Win, lose doesn’t matter, I don’t care who were playing, how flashy another team’s city, or how cold or snowy it is in Buffalo. It’s always Bills By a Billion.”

Brother Bill carries a powerful message. As fans, we often get lost in the wins and loses and individual performances. We lose our common bond. We lose why we are fans. We are tied together by a great city, community, and region, Bills fans back their own like no other. 

 Next time you are upset at a Bill for dropping a pass, missing block, or throwing a pick, and you go to twitter to call someone out, remember, Bills by a Billion. When the media doubts and the haters hate, Bill by a Billion. 

Any time, anywhere, Bills by a Billion.

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