Bills are not going 19-0. (Maybe 18-1?) What we learned from the Bills first clunker of 2020.

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2019 “good Josh” is 2020 “bad Josh.”

  • When going down the list of reasons the Bills lost this game, Josh Allen is going to be way down the list. Prior to the second Malcolm Butler interception, Josh was far from regression. Tennessee was content to let Josh beat them in 7 to 15 yard dinks and dunks and he took what was given to him. Minus the bad read on the second pick, and a couple of forced passes, Josh had a relatively solid game by last year’s standard.

“Depth is great until you need it.”

  • In theory this team should be deep. But at the end of the day, once you get into the second string, it is hard to find success in this league.  Josh Norman is no longer a CB 1, AJ Klein is pretty useless, and even as a second option, not having John Brown stunts the offense. The Bills were wildly lucky to avoid the injury bug last year. They haven’t this year and they need to figure out a way to make stops and move the ball with who they have.

Where are the QB Pressures?

  • Much was made about the highest paid defensive lines in football coming into this season. Despite the price tag, no one is getting home for the Bills. Ryan Tannehill had all day to throw like Carr the week before, and Goff before that. The Bills are creating pressure the sixth least amount of times in the whole league. This needs to change to help the Bills secondary. 

Unspectacular running game.

  • So far, Devin Singletary is averaging a .9 yards less per carry than last season. He was not able to get anything going on Tuesday. Some of that can’t be blamed on him. Despite lacking his normal vision, the Bills offensive line has been absolutely awful in the run. They are simply not getting the push needed to open up run lanes for anyone coming out of the backfield. Bills need to get back to the effective run game they had last year.

Dawson Knox is not TE 1.

  • I am officially off the Dawson Knox train. For every athletic play he makes, he has an embarrassing, momentum killing drop. Daboll keeps putting him in positions to succeed and he simply does not capitalize. Tyler Kroft is far more sure handed, and a much better blocker. Give him a majority of the snaps, and find another TE in the draft or free agency.  

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