Bills Week 1 Observations

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Daboll gets creative.

  • When Daboll came to Buffalo, he was like an artist who was given three broken crayons and some printer paper to work with. Now he has the 64 color Crayola Crayon box, fancy paint, and professional easel. Daboll used motions, unique formations, screen plays, and effective designed runs. He got everyone involved and, most importantly, he kept the ball moving after he got off game script. Take away the missed field goals and fumbles and I would be writing about a 40 point game. Not every team will be the Jets, but it will be hard for even a top defense to match up with the Bills.

Fullbackless Future.

  • In my last preseason piece I questioned the role that TE/FB Reggie Gilliam may have. For week 1, it was nothing. The rookie played three total snaps on offense. Dawson Knox took more snaps in the backfield than Gilliam did. It is clear that the Bills are joining the rest of the league in the post fullback world. I do wonder if Moss and Singletary would have had better days with DiMarco leading the way like he has the last three years.


  • Since he was drafted I have pounded the table to play Ford at guard. When forced to play a new position as a rookie he struggled to keep pass rushers out of Josh Allen’s face. Back in his natural position, Ford contributed to what was a satisfactory day for the Bills line. Daryl Williams completed the redesigned right side of the line, playing at tackle of the whole day. If Ford continues to play this well, it is hard to imagine Feliciano taking his spot back. 

The Josh Allen Experience Nets a win.

  • The Josh Allen roller coaster ride continues into a third season.  Last year when Allen was asked to throw the ball 30 or more times it generally resulted in a pretty poor completion percentage and a loss. Not only did Josh throw the ball more than he ever has, he completed 71% of his throws. Yes he had an embarrassing overthrow that anti Josh twitter jumped on and could have hit Beasly in stride later in the game this game was a step forward, regardless of how you look at it. Next week he will face a better secondary and another chance to prove his growth. 

Defense shows stanstaibly. 

  • Yes, the Jets aren’t a top offense. But the importance of continuity was on full display all day. Darnold never looked comfortable, couldn’t find open receivers, and got very little help from his run game. With The expectation of a blown screenplay, the Jets had no answer when it mattered on offense. Even when the Bills seemed to lose their entire linebacking core, the defense remained stout. Was Tre’Davious White even thrown at more than once?   

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