Camp Battle Preview: Quarterback.

The Lock: 

Josh Allen


Josh Allen is a Rorschach Test. Do you see his ceiling as future MVP dropping bombs like Patrick Mahomes? Or is he a perpetually inaccurate quarterback, better suited to play tight end, spitting in the face of modern football analytics? Whatever you think, two things are true, Josh has taken huge leaps already from his play in college and Josh needs to improve to remain the Bills quarterback beyond 2020. We can (and will) have the discussion about what constitutes a”good” season later, but Josh has zero excuses not to have one.

The Bubble:

Matt Barkley 

Jake Fromm


In Sean McDermott’s first three seasons, he has always started the season with two quarterbacks on the 53 man roster. If the same holds true, the Bills will keep either Fromm or Barkley. With Josh entering his fourth season, he can now be the veteran in the quarterback room. If Fromm out plays Barkley, Barkley is likely a free agent in August. If Barkley defends his spot, it is hard to predict what the Bills would do. Keeping a third quarterback means taking away from another position group. Cutting Fromm means hoping he finds his way through waivers and back to the Bills practice squad. 

The Longshot:

Davis Webb 


Fun fact, Davis Webb lost his starting Job to Patrick Mahomes in college at Texas Tech. Barring catastrophe, Webb will be nothing more than an extra arm in camp, auditioning for other teams in the final preseason game. (If he even makes it that far.) 

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