Continuing to Redefine Josh Allen and Other Week 4 Observations.

Photo by Buffalo News

For the first four weeks this season, my column here has started exactly the same. Josh Allen continues to show massive steps in year three as the Bills starters. For the fourth straight week, Josh has completed over 68% of passes in every game, limited interceptions, and avoided compounding critical mistakes. Even more impressive, Josh was 8-8 on throws of more than 10 yards, for 182 yards and a perfect passer rating. Despite being his worst yardage game this year, with “only” 288 yards passing, one could argue this was his cleanest. Josh hit some wildly tight windows like John Brown and Cole Beasly on the goal line. To top it all off, Josh only had one particularly, “Josh” moment in the game. Late in the 4th quarter, trying to extend a play, he held on too long and took a sack out of field goal range. Yes, everyone knows you need to throw the ball away there and go up three scores. But like the first three weeks, the good, massively outweighed the bad.

Josh Norman the spark needed to get the defense back on track?

There are a lot of fans out there that love to clutch their pearls when they see a cornerback like Josh Norman being boisterous and trash talking after every play. I have always loved it. When Josh Norman stepped in for injured Levi Wallace Sunday, it sparked something in the Bills. They started to stop the ball, cause turnovers, and fluster Carr. Norman’s “Peanut Punch” was huge in finally putting the Raiders away in the fourth quarter. There are still plenty of concerns. Edmunds still seems off, Milano is “week to week,” AJ Klein is an absolute LIABILITY, and it would be nice to stop letting quarterbacks throw for 300 yards. Context is important and no team is really playing good defense right now, but the Bills defense could finally be trending up. 

Stefon Diggs is so *bleeping* good.

For my entire fandom, it has felt like fans have clamored for a “number one” wide receiver. A honestly, I thought we had players in the past that were number ones. Lee Evans and Sammy Watkins to name a few. I honestly thought John Brown was about as good as the Bills could hope for without giving up a king’s ransom or hitting gold in the draft.  But holy *bleep* Stefon Diggs is a whole other beast. I don’t think it is exaggeration to say Stefon Diggs may be one of the greatest players to put on a Bills jersey in the last century. With two 100 yards games already in the book, Diggs is tied for first in total receiving yards. Over four games, he has done it all. He is fantastic at creating separation, makes contested catches, and just plays angry.

Some Continuity on the Line.

For a second straight week, the Bills went with Ford and Winter at guard. The group did  a better job of keeping Josh upright and in the pocket most of the day. This would seem to single that this is the grouping, sans injuries, until Feliciano comes back. 

Daboll Coaching his way out of Buffalo.

With every offensive explosion, Daboll gets closer to leaving Buffalo. Daboll’s scripted plays are borderline pornographic at this point and his play call creativity flashes multiple times a drive. From the 4th and 1 jet sweep in the second half, to the Gabe Davis touchdown where everyone was open, Daboll can flat out call a game. This isn’t a common problem for the Bills, but if Daboll keeps up this rate for the next 12 games, he will be one of the hottest coaches on the market. It is unavoidable and no point in worrying about it. But as Houston fires the one man wrecking crew that is Bill O’Brian, and teams like the Jets and Falcons soon to follow, it is something to keep in mind.

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