Doomsday for the Doubters: Josh Figures it Out and Other Week 2 Observations.

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Josh putting it all together.

  • First off yes, it was the Jets in a week 1, and it was the Dolphins in week 2. Before I get into any breakdown of Josh’s play, the quality of the opponents does not mean he did not play well. The Jets may very well be the worst team in football. But this Dolphins team may be a mirror of the 2018 Bills. Well coached, new pieces, and a year away. Still a 6-8 win team but they are going to battle plenty of good teams for four quarters, just like they did with the Patriots last week. 
  • With that out of the way, HOLY *BLEEP.* Where to start with this? Here is one, 417 yards, 4 touchdowns, no interceptions. As a 25 year old Bills fan, I have never personally watched a Bills quarterback performance like that, AGAINST ANY TEAM. When Lamar Jackson put up a million points on a Josh Rosen led Dolphins, the praise poured in, so why can’t we do the same for Allen. 
  • How about the fact he only ran for 18 of his yards? How many times has the criticism been that Josh is only good because he can run. Josh ran for 18 yards. How about Josh is carried by his defense? With both starting linebackers out, Fitzpatrick cut through the middle of this defense, leading to a fourth quarter lead. Josh Allen, in back to back weeks, is THE reason the Bills won. There is a lot of football to be played against much better teams, but can we stop pretending the growth of Josh Allen is not real.

Missing the Middle of the defense.

  • Probably could have guessed this before the game, but missing Matt Milano and Tremaine Edmunds it’s going to cause some issues for the Bills defense. A key to the Bills defense is the two athletic studs the Bills in the middle of the defense that can cover tight ends and running backs coming out of the backfield. Mike Gesicki made a living attacking the seam all day. With a more talented Rams team coming to town Sunday, the absence of Milano and Edmunds could be further amplified.  

Toying with the offensive line.

This has some big implications next week when the best player in the league, at any position, comes to town in Aaron Donald. The Bills rotated Brian Winters got in for 21 snaps on Sunday and McDermott even played with Ford at left guard. There were no noticeable issues with the line this week. McDermott discussed post game that his rotations had both to do with the south Florida heat and still figuring out the best 5 he can put out there.  I do not envy line coach Bobby Johnson this week but maybe part of the plan is keeping bodies fresh to go at the all pro. A luxury the Bills have with 3 starting caliber guards.  

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