Quiet Domination and Other Week 7 Observations.

Buffalo Bills kicker Tyler Bass, left, celebrates his sixth field goal of the day during the second half of an NFL football game against the New York Jets, Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Bills Got “Right.”

After getting two giant servings of humble pie in weeks 5 and 6, Bills fans wanted to put a smackdown on the lowly Jets. A three to four score blow out, minimum. What we got instead was a game that never felt out of reach until the Bills entered victory formation in the fourth quarter. Bills fans got another nail biter against what might be one of the worst teams the league has seen this decade.

But this was a blow out. The final score might not show it. But the Bills beat up the Jets for most of the day.

I am serious. Break it down. All nine of the Bills offensive drives ended in scoring position. One drive ended with a Josh Allen strip sack inside the 30, and every single other drive ended with a makeable field goal attempt. The defense held the Jets to 68 TOTAL YARD OVER THE LAST 3 QUARTERS. They only mustered 4 yard of offense in the entire second half. That is absolutely wild.

The Bills offense put up 400 yard of total offense to the Jets 190. Now, football has some built in randomness. Things like, a new play caller, putting together a surprising set of scripted plays, ticky tack illegal formation calls, and Tyler Kroft succumbing to gravity. Tyler Kroft stays on his feet, and the officials stay out of their pocket, and I am writing about a 26-10 game, not 18-10. 

The Josh Allen Defense.

The defensive playbook is out on Josh Allen. Teams are staying away from man and playing more and more zone. For three straight weeks teams have been content to give Josh everything he wants underneath in an effort to take away the deep ball. Teams have shown a willingness to let the Bills methodically work their way field 5-10 yards at a time. The defense hopes that Josh will eventually get restless and force a throw downfield and cause a turnover. Josh nearly did that early on but settled into another 300 yard passing game on 30-43 passing, attacking the Jet underneath and letting Cole Beasley eat. It will be on Daboll to draw up some better plays to finish drives in the red zone. Josh will need to keep being patient next week, if any coach in the league can scheme up a defense to stop a young QB it is him and you better believe he is checking the tape.

Defense Finally Arrives 

Sure, scoff and say “It’s just the Jets.” But holding a team to 4 yards in a half in the NFL  is wildly impressive, regardless of who it is. There was so much to like about the Bills defense in this game. Primarily, the pass rush got home, a lot. Bills got 6 sacks on the Jets, a number of hurries and knockdowns, and got their hands in Darnold’s passing lanes. McDermott and Frazier turned up on the pressure and consistently blitzed for what felt like the first time all year. The defense also saw big contributions from a new face. Practice squad, and seventh round pick, Dane Jackson looked like he belonged on an NFL field all game. Jackson showed no fear in coming up to tackle and flashed some ball hawking ability in some pass break ups and an interception that led to a six point six at the end of half.

Large Foot Bass

Let’s give rookie Tyler Bass a little slack. If he was vetern, kicking at this rate, I would be advocating for the Bills to cut bait and run. But Bass is a rookie with an absolute bazooka for a leg and sky high potential. Bass is kicking okay enough to justify keeping him to go out there after you missed a gimmie kick and  then hit one from further away, showing he’s got the guts and the leg. 6 of 8 is not a terrible day.

Bass will be great. Please stop calling on him to be cut after missing a kick and let the rookie grow. As Long as he doesn’t go full Aguayo, let’s keep rolling with the kid.

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