Take a breath, it will be okay: Week 6 observations.

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Breathe. Here is a question. If, before the season started, I told you the Bills would be 4-2 at this point, after playing the Raiders, Rams, Chiefs, and Titans, you would have taken it. If you say no you’re a liar. There isn’t a Super bowl team that hasn’t gone through trials and tribulation. And this game wasn’t as bad you think. The Bills were mere inches away from a fumble that would have put them in striking distance of tying the game.

The defense did what it was supposed to do.

  • Hear me out. Inviting Kansas City to run, WAS A GOOD IDEA. Every time they run the ball, Mahomes is not throwing the ball. Would it have been nice to allow less than 8 yard per carry? Sure. But the Bills down after down showed the Chiefs very run friendly boxes on purpose, and it was the right thing to do. At the end of the day the Bills held the Chiefs to 26 points. I will take that any time the Bills play the Chiefs. Now, if you want to argue that Mahomes would have picked the Bills if forced to pass more, maybe. He found the Bills defense slipping on a number of passing plays, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good game plan.

Offense lost the game.

  • If you are going to allow the opponent’s offense run it down your throat, then your offense needs to stay on the field. Unfortunately Josh had his worst game of year on the worst possible day. The Bills needed to control the ball and Josh reverted back to some troubling tendencies. Maybe even more concerning is the absolute lack of a running game. The Bills offensive line continues to be absolutely futile in run blocking. The advance stats show that Singletary is up near the top of the league in missed tackles so the issue is not him. The Bills can’t win expecting Josh to throw 300 yard every game. They need to step it up in the trenches.    

Someone help Tremaine Edmunds. 

  • I am at a loss with this one. It seems that Edmunds is still trying to fight through a shoulder injury. That may excuse some of the physical mistakes, I don’t know how to excuse the mental mistakes. He seems to be constantly making the long read, over pursuing, and getting lost on plays. Part of it may be that defensive line is not keeping him as clean as last year, but regression is undeniable at this point. And he is not alone. Taron Johnson has been getting picked on play after play, week after week with no sign or improvement. 

Join the Justin Zimmer Fan Club

  • Justin Zimmer has played in two games and he has made him noticed in both games with tackles for losses. The small school product is a crazy athlete who has earned his spot on the active roster. As the Bills continue to try to find a rotation on the line, he deserves to get plenty of snaps. He may not be a “spark” but an important tweak to get the defense back on track.  

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