Week 10 Observations: 7-3 isn’t Bad.

Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver (91) kneels after the Arizona Cardinals won an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020, in Glendale, Ariz. The Cardinals won 32-20. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Sh*it happens, chin up.

  • Yeah. That hurts. You will not be able to avoid it. It will be on social media, tv, and memes forever. To cite one of my friends, it will be on his highlight reel when he enters Canton. I am not here to nitpick the final play. Regardless of how you play that, the likelihood of that being successful is like .001%. (I don’t if that is really true but I assume it is close.) Sometimes you are on the losing side of a 1 in 1000 play. I will go to my grave believing Hopkins is the only dude on planet Earth who can make that play. If you looked at the schedule from the start of the year, I told you 7-3 at the bye with all the injuries, you would have taken it in a heartbeat. Four wins against winning team teams (Miami, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Rams) and no bad losses. Meat of the schedule is behind Buffalo. Rest up and finish the season strong.

“The ceiling is the roof” for Josh Allen

  • I couldn’t waste an opportunity to throw in a classic Michael Jordan quote. What I mean is Josh’s played his worst game of 2020, with two interceptions. He still completed 68% of passes and 284 yards for two touchdowns, including what should have been a game winner when it mattered the most. Sunday, would have been a good day for 2018 or 2019 Josh. Like being the ace of a pitching staff, the sign of a good quarterback is being able to keep the offense moving when you don’t have your top stuff. Josh was 00:02 away from stealing a win in a bad day.

Save you defensive slander for another week.

  • This defense goes the way of Tremaine Edmunds. Tremaine Edmunds has significantly picked up his play over the last two weeks and it showed itself in six forced turnovers over two weeks.When Tremaine plays better, AJ Klein plays better. This defense made two HUGE stops when it mattered most following, giving Josh a chance to put together an almost game winning drive, on top of a huge stop coming off the 12 yard Bojorquez punt, that held them to a field goal. 

Third Quarter Blues.

  • The third quarter continues to be an area of apparent distress for Buffalo this season. But to simply say third quarters as a whole, negates some important context. Bills got  a turnover and a score, before Dawson Knox offsetting penalty led to Josh Allen interception. One play can so often flip the script of a game in the NFL and the Bills can’t avoid keeping opponents in the game. I don’t know whether it is adjustments they aren’t making, or something deeper, but the ability to keep their foot on the gas pedal will be KEY for the last 6 games this season.

Dawson Knox

  • I am not going to sit here and argue for Knox to be cut, yet. But I have long used this platform to promote giving Tyler Kroft a majority of the snaps. Right now Knox does not offer much in the way blocking, or pass catching. At this point, I would even advocate to give Reggie Gilliam more looks than Knox, until Knox can earn his reps back.

Bass Pro Shop

  • I can finish this out and not discuss Tyler Bass. After gutting out a couple hard weeks to start the season, Bass showed exactly why Buffalo drafted him. Dude has a leg the leg the size of Josh Allen’s arm. Like Ricky Vaughn in Major League, now that he can aim, he is going to be dangerous. 

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