Week 13: Now do you Believe?


Rick Jeanneret voice*

“This team is good, scary good!”

Josh was slinging. Defense made life hard for the Quarterback. Daboll pulled all the right levers. Buffalo broke their Monday night curse. There isn’t much that went wrong for the Bills in primetime. The Bills marched their way to 9-3 for the second straight year. 

Doing what works.

  • Daboll, and this offense, is most efficient, when doing exactly what it is best at. Passing the football. If you follow me on twitter, you know I have been advocating for abandoning the run. The more this team can pass, especially early on, the more efficient it is. Daboll would fight the assertion that they are a “passing team” as he prides himself on designing whatever type of game plan works to win.  Regardless, it is no mistake that Josh’s best games are when he passes early and often. 

Aggressive coaching

  • Anyone who says McDermott isn’t aggressive deserves to have their TVs and electronics taken away, because they clearly can’t assess what they are watching. Math nerds have found a home on the McDermott staff. Even as 4th down attempts are trending upwards league wide, McDermott is ahead of the curve on trusting the numbers on 4th down. How many drought era coaches in Buffalo would go for it field goal range, up 10, in the 4th quarter? The answer is 0. McDermott continues to grow with the game and morph in one of the best coaches in the league.   

Introduction to the McDermott Dog House?

  • McDermott is not often one to call out players, and rarely does a player end up in his dog house. Zack Moss had a costly fumble in the first quarter inside Buffalo’s own 1 yard line when he failed to look a Josh Allen hand off all the way into his grasp, nullifying the Bills goal line stand only second before. Moss only saw the field once after putting the ball on the ground in the first quarter. McDermott confirmed the move in his Monday press conference. After getting most of the running back snaps against the Chargers game, it bears watching the rest of the season.    

Gabe Davis Appreciation 

  • I think I have yet to use a post game piece to properly acknowledge Gabe Davis. For that, I want to apologize. It seems likely that as a third or fourth option in this offense, he will end up with between 600-700 yards on the season. He is a rookie who plays like a seasoned veteran. He doesn’t drop the football, he gets open, and as a nose for getting open in the end zone. Another mid round gem the Beane has drafted who seems to be budding into another major threat in this offense.   

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