Week 14: The Job’s Not Finished.

Harry Scull Jr./Buffalo News

Perhaps I wasted my Rick Jenneret quote a week early? At this point, the Bills are only one game better than they were at this point last year. Despite the similarity, the 2020 Bills are miles ahead of 2019. Sunday night, both teams reared their heads. In the first half of Sunday night’s game, the 2019 Bills came out to play. The offense struggled to gather any momentum while their defense made big stop after big stop. It took until the second half for the 2020 Bills to be awakened. Buffalo continued to make big stops while their offense began to fire on all cylinders. The vaunted Pittsburgh defense had no answers for the Bills passing game, Daboll stayed aggressive, and the Bills salted away a two score lead over the number one seed AFC. A performance unmatched this century. 

The Stefon Diggs Game

  • Diggs put up his second highest output on yardage in week 14, and the most amount of receptions in a single game. Most importantly, he absolutely took over the second half. The Steelers secondary had no response for Diggs. The chemistry between Diggs and Allen has never been more apparent, as Allen hit Diggs play after play. Diggs had defenders on ice skates. The duo is on track to ascend to a Jim Kelly and Andre Reed level of production. 
Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

The Defense is Officially Back  

  • Big Ben’s age has never been more apparent. His inability to throw the deep ball is borderline depressing (if Ben wasn’t a bad person). Regardless, this is a team that has given opposing defenses fits trying to stop. The Steelers offense is predicated on timing and speed. The quicker Ben can get the ball out the better. The Bills defense did an incredible job of taking away Ben’s quick reads, forcing him to make low percentage throws, and getting in his face. The Bills run defense held the Steeler to an average of 2.8 yards per carry, a far cry from earlier in the season. Coupled with the first Bills scoring play on defense since 2017, the Bills put together their most impressive defensive performance of the year. 

Offensive Line Shutters “Bliztburgh.” 

  • Only two weeks after Joey Bosa threw a wrench into the Bills offense, Brian Daboll left his right tackle on an island with TJ Watt, and it worked. Especially in the second half, as the Bills got an extra set of hands on Cameron Heyward. The Bills had plenty of time in the pocket for most of the night and kept him clean with only one sack. They were even able to get Zack Moss going as they milked the last seven minutes. Daryl Williams was the star of the night and he made himself a lot of money this offseason.

Put the Third Quarter Woes to Bed.

  • While we all went to bed in the wee hours of Monday morning, Brian Daboll was putting the Bills third quarter woes to bed. Game after game it has been an inescapable story line. On Sunday night, the Bills tore the narrative to pieces with two straight touchdowns out of half and 19 total second half points against the best defensive team in football. Daboll adjusted the offensive brilliantly to get the ball out faster and make Josh more comfortable. Everything is clicking at just the right time and Daboll and McDermott have this team playing their best football at the right time. 

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