Week 16 Observations: Dance on Their Grave.

FOXBOROUGH, MA. – DECEMBER 28: Stefon Diggs #14 of the Buffalo Bills celebrates his touchdown with Daryl Williams #75 and Devin Singletary #26 during the third quarter of the NFL game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on December 28, 2020 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Staff Photo By Matt Stone/ MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

Monday night was a party. Stefon Diggs and the Bills shoveled the final bit of dirt on the Patriots, two decade long dynasty, and danced on their grave. Two decades worth of shellackings, though not erased from the history books, feels finally laid to rest. For once it was Bill Belichick that had no way to stop a surging Bills offense. It was the Bills defense that was an absolute stifling force that bewildered Patriots quarterbacks. On the biggest stage, for the 4th straight week, Buffalo proved that they are a top four team in football with dominating blowouts in front of national audiences. 

Total Command

Josh Allen continues to put up performances that appears to be Madden-esq. Whether teams drop eight in coverage, like the Patriots did early on Monday, or bring pressure, Josh has never looked more comfortable, going through reads, moving out of pocket, and making the right decision. On his last touchdown, Josh completed an absolute cartoonish throw on his last touchdown of the night, to Diggs. Rolling left out of the pocket, flipped the hips at the last second, and hit a small window. Josh would have had five touchdown passes, if not for drops by Jones and Knox in the endzone. 

Matt Milano is Back

Matt Milano played 100% of first team snaps on Monday and it is clear he is back to 100%. He was back to his rangy, running stuffing, chaotic, self. Chalk it up as another win for the Bills world class health center and coaches for knowing how to ease him back into the line up, while preserving his health and putting him in a position to succeed. Three words: Pay the man. 

Defense is Playoff Ready

The Bills have played some struggling opponents of late, but sometimes that is what you need to jump start a unit. For three straight games Buffalo has befuddled quarterbacks. They are getting pressures, forcing bad throws, and locking down wide receivers. Not only that, teams that rely on the run, have been unable to gain any serious footing. It is far from perfect but fans should feel better about the idea of facing Derek Henry or Nick Chubb in the playoffs. 

Run Game Developing into the Perfect Compliment

The Bills have gone over 100 yards on the group in four of their last five games. As the passing game continues to soar, the run game is quietly gathering steam. Whether it is closing the end of games, or picking up first downs in short yardage situations, Daboll is finding a way to make the run game a perfect compliment to Josh Allen’s arm. It has been a major reason the Bills have been able to milk third and fourth quarter leads since the bye. It could become a key part of this swiss army knife that is the Bills offense heading into January. 

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