Week 9: Damn. That Felt Good.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) looks to throw a pass during the first half of an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020, in Orchard Park, N.Y. (AP Photo/John Munson)

Four Quarters of Domination.

  • For eight weeks now it seems like I write about the Bills leaving too many points out on the field. I have defended this offense by digging into the yards, and first downs, and any other nuggets of positivity to show that this offense was better than the points that got put on the scoreboard. I have had to write how defense played well in spurts but lacked the ability to make big plays. This week the Bills put together four quarters of dominating, winning football. Josh got on pace for 600 yards in the first quarters and never looked back. When Pete Caroll adjusted and sold out the pass rush, Daboll made the adjustments needed to keep the offense moving. The defense forced MVP candidate Russel Wilson to turn the Ball over four times, and most importantly, they closed the game out. This was fun, mostly stress free, and never really in doubt.    

Spreading the Love.

  • Number of the day is seven. Seven different players logged a catch of at least 20 yards. The first time that has happened in the NFL since 2015. Josh and Daboll got back to utilizing all his targets. It wasn’t just the fact they used some many targets, it was the diversity of targets. Some were designed screens to get the Seahawks out of cover 0/cover 1 looks, some were Josh getting to a third read or check down. This game was the best called game of Daboll’s career. A career that will take him out of Buffalo this offseason. 

The Defense Read ALL your Tweets.

  • AJ Klein. Tremaine Edmunds. Mario Addison. Leslie Frazier. They read your tweets. They read your group chats. They listened in on your conversations. And let me tell you, they were not happy. Leslie Frazier cut the defense loose on Sunday. Forcing the leading MVP candidate into a pedriastan, four turnover game. It was far from perfect, and Seattle is always going to get their points. But the defense showed up when it was needed most. One series that will go overlooked was the first drive three and out forced by the Bills. The only punt of the day forced by Buffalo set the Bills to go up two scores early and force the Seahawks to play from behind all day. Complimentary football.  

Ken Dorsey Better be Taking Notes. 

  • I touched on this before, but Daboll will not be on this staff next year. Teams see the creativity of this offense and development of Josh Allen and will give Daboll a chance to take the reins. Whether it is QB coach Ken Dorsey, or someone else in house, I hope they are taking note.
  • What most impressed what was shift in play calling when the Seahawks started sending the house on cover 0’s. Daboll switched up to some quick passes and screens and really made the defense play. Good coaches adjust and that is what he did today.

Growth Mindset.

  • In the spirit of growth mindset I’d be remiss, if I didn’t touch on some room for improvement, even in a blow out. To start, Dawson Knox has gone from promising, young, athletic talent, to absolute offensive liability. The only time he appeared to show up in the game today was being absolutely blown up by Jamal Adams in pass protection, leading to Josh taking a big sack. Coupled with drops in past weeks, I don’t see the reason for him to play over Tyler Kroft. 
  • Despite the turnovers, the Seahawks did not struggle to move the ball on this defense and the Bills can bank on winning while giving up 34 points. The run defense stepped up this week and the pass rush got home, but the Bills need to find ways to force more punts to make a run late in the year.
  • Josh’s internal clock can be off from time to time. Josh alway thinks he can hang in one second long to get a guy open or get another read. It came to bite him today. You do not want your starting QB to take seven sacks. Josh needs to keep working on finding the check down when plays break down. 

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