Camp Battle Preview: Running Back and Fullback.

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The Locks: 

Devin Singletary

Zack Moss

Pat DiMarco FB

The Breakdown:

Young, cheap, and talented. From a value standpoint, the top end of the Bills depth chart is phenomenal. Devin Singletary had 775 yards through 12 games last year. Mind you in the first 4 games he got 4, 6, 7, and 3 carries. If he had played a full season and he had rushed at the same rate for 16 games, he would have had 1000 yards. Now Singletary will split the backfield with Zack Moss who, by his own words, likes to make defenders make a “business decision” when it comes to tackling him. But don’t let the power fool you. Zack Moss was near top in the nation in making defenders miss and breaking tackles. I think Bills fans should be really excited for this pairing. 

As for DiMarco, I think McDermott values his leadership and he still plays at a perfectly acceptable level to be the starting fullback for one more year. 

The Bubble:

TJ Yeldon

Taiwan Jones

The Breakdown

 First off, I don’t think this is a one or the other situation. Last year, McDermott kept Senorise Perry and Yeldon. Perry was actually active in more games as a special teamer than Yeldon was. Taiwan Jones is a very capable special team player and was part of the team that made the playoffs in 2017 (aka he’s a process guy). McDermott and Beane spoke glowingly of Yeldon at the combine, and Yeldon seems more than comfortable in his limited role. Ultimately it will come down to a numbers game. They will not only be competing against each other for a spot but other position groups. Can you prove you provide more as a 4th RB as opposed to an 9th WR or extra offensive lineman. If the Bills don’t intend to keep Yeldon, look for the Bills to move him in August for a 6th or 7th round pick to a running back needy team. 

The Longshots:

Christan Wade

Antonio Willaims 

Reggie Gilliam FB

Ultimately like a lot of long shots, Antionio Williams will have to ball out in camp to earn a spot. Even at that, his spot will be on the practice squad. Christan Wade has one year left on his international players pathway program, so the Bills can put him on practice squad again without wasting a spot, so expect that. Reggie Gilliams in an interesting case. He did play special teams very well in college, developing a knack for blocking kicks, blocking 4 kicks as a junior. With DiMarco’s contract up at the end of this season, Gilliams, if he plays well, would be a great practice squad candidate.  

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