Josh Allen is a Roller Coaster and I Never Want to Get Off. (Plus other week 3 observations.)

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Do you feel like you lost years off your life? Are you vocal cords okay? Is your dog scared from all the yelling? Have you received an eviction notice from your downstairs neighbor? 

Watching Josh Allen is a full body experience. It is like doing a line before getting on the superman for three hours at Darien Lake. 

The ride started with a steady incline. Josh continued to show the ability to accurately get the ball down field. He hit rising rookie Gabe Davis, hit receivers in stride, used his eye to manipulate defenders, and beat famed detractor, Jalen Ramsey in the end zone. The rate at which Josh Allen is hitting “deep throws” is incredible. This season 10-13 on passes going more than 20 yards this season and is completing over 70% of his passes. 

But as the game went on, the descent came. Josh gave his hater plenty of gif friendly moments. From hucking a ball across the field to a backup tight end, to running backwards 20 yards, stiff-arming an entire NFL defensive line IN THE FACE, only to get sacked. He even tried a lateral. While the defense deserves plenty of blame for the mid game collapse, Josh looked to be having a relapse of the Texans game.

But, like the other two games this season, he picked the offense up the mat, put them on his huge shoulders, and called game. 

If we have learned anything over the first three weeks, no matter how well Josh plays, there are going to be “WTF” moments. It’s who Josh is. Personal safety and ball security be damned. He will take on a linebacker head and keep the play alive way longer than it should be. But that is why the fan base rallies behind him. It’s why his teammates love him. Over the first three games Josh has used this “yolo” streak mainly for good. When he has made a mistake, he doesn’t compound it with more bad mistakes. 

This team will not go 16-0 and Josh will cost them a game, but do you really want to stop watching Josh Allen?

What is going on with the Offensive Line?    

I understand that giving up no sacks in a year doesn’t necessarily mean Quinton Spain is a phenomenal lineman, but there is no way you can argue to me that Brian Winters is a better starter than him. Spain didn’t get a single snap. It seems strange that in a game where Donald was throwing the Bills interior linemen around like children, that Spain couldn’t justify getting a snap. Jon Feliciano is eligible for return starting this week so maybe McDermott is being sincere in trying to find the best combination of players. Maybe there may be something else at play, Spain removed all mention of the Bills from his twitter, if you’re into that kind of tea. Regardless, I would be happy to never see Winters start again.    


Please bring back the good defense.

Last year, few teams were able to move the ball with ease on the Bills. In back to back games, teams are putting up points and racking up the yards. This week the Bills didn’t have the excuse of missing key players. Reliable players were getting beat. Edmunds seemed to be getting lost, Taron Johnson was a liability in coverage, and the defensive line couldn’t generate any push. This is starting to enter troubling territory, especially if it continues into Las Vegas. I really want to see a blow out. 

Singletary is an undisputed #1. 

Most people never questioned this, but I truly thought Zack Moss could wrestle snaps away from Singletary. Playing the workhorse roll, Singletary showed why he is such a valuable piece to this offense.He was back to showing his elite contact balance and made potential tacklers look silly. Through the first two week, Zack Moss has averaged 2.6 yards per attempt. He will have to earn his way back to the field.

Clock management masterpiece. 

The easiest and most obvious part of coaching fans can criticize is clock management. Sean McDermott put the ball in the endzone at the end of both the first and second half, leaving now time for the Ram to respond. It was clear that McDermott did not want to give the back to Goff to end the game, given how the offense was playing. It doesn’t get much better than leaving the Rams with 15 seconds and no time outs. 

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